LLAWN04 Is Back For 2016!

LLAWN04 Is Back For 2016!

The Llandudno Art Weekend has been a celebrated part of Llandudno’s yearly events since it’s conception some years back. This year’s festival is set to kick off on Friday the 23rd of September and spans the entire weekend, closing at Sunday the 25th of September. A marvellous addition to Llandudno’s busy year-round schedule, we’re certain that we’re not the only hotel in Llandudno looking forward to what’s on this year!

The LLAWN Weekend is completely and entirely free, and will celebrate various arts across the Promenade and across varying spaces and venues within the beautiful town of Llandudno. There will be a plethora of things to do and fun for absolutely everyone, and the event itself boasts performance, street games, music, robot making, dance, varying visual arts, film-centric events, and of course the unexpected! Whether you spend a few hours or even the whole weekend at the Llandudno Art Weekend, no doubt you’ll have an excellent time.

All of the events will occur in four designated zones to make everything very easy to find (and eliminate all possibility of you missing anything in the crowds that the weekend will no doubt attract!)

As expected, there’s going to be a lot of activity on the promenade, which will start right next to us on the pier opposite St. Tudno and will end at Venue Cymru. Futhermore, there are designated zones within Vaughan Street—all the way from the Mostyn Gallery and the North West Gardens as well as varying spaces around the railway station. As one might expect as well, there are a number of things to see around the Victoria Arcade, Tabernacle and there’s even going to be something special at the old tree within the Happy Valley!

Most interestingly as well, there’s going to be interactive entertainment in the form of Pop Ups – which will move around Llandudno over the weekend, never staying in one space at a time, either coming to find you or hiding away, taking some effort to find.

Why not come to Llandudno for this excellent weekend and come and visit us during the festivities? We’d very much like to see you (and your photographs!) of this spectacular weekend.