Mad Appers: Enjoy an Alice In Wonderland Heritage Trail in Llandudno

Mad Appers: Enjoy an Alice In Wonderland Heritage Trail in Llandudno

Recent news has documented the auction of a very rare first edition Alice in Wonderland copy as well as the Augmented Reality Alice in Wonderland Tour in full swing for the summer season, as well as the placement of a brand-new Alice in Wonderland feature at Llandudno train station reaching completion. The installation is set to welcome visitors to our beautiful town. It’s safe to say that the Alice in Wonderland Llandudno connection is still rather strong and proud.

Llandudno itself boasts the perfect Lewis Carroll pilgrimage to mark the 151st anniversary of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland – the seaside town making the most of it’s Alice association with a highly enjoyable virtual tour app. For those that are after a true and authentic Alice experience even down to sleep – the St Tudno Hotel is Llandudno’s largest architectural link to Alice Liddell – the recipient of Lewis Carroll’s original manuscript and whom the character Alice was based upon. Essentially, the real life version. Did you know that Alice herself actually stayed here, at the St Tudno Hotel? Between the 1960s and 1970s, The St Tudno Hotel is where Alice Liddell, the inspiration behind Lewis Carrol’s Alices’ Adventures in Wonderland stayed with her family and their five servants.

Between joyful family holidays Alice asked Lewis Carroll, a family friend, to be told a story. Carroll obliged the little girl and made up the story that we know and love- of Alice falling down the rabbit hole, meeting a white rabbit, a mad hatter and a grinning Cheshire cat. Alice was so enamoured with the story that she asked Lewis Carroll to write it down so that she would always be able to read it. And the author obliged– gifting her the original manuscript– something which is now within the safekeeping of the British Library. The Liddell family kept a connection to Llandudno. Impressed with their holidays within the fantastic seafront resort and the gorgeous sweeping panoramic views from the Great Orme Headland- that they built a holiday home on the West Shore in 1862.

Named Penmorfa, the holiday home has very strong hints (especially so, in regard to a recent photograph being uncovered) that Lewis Carroll himself stayed within on visits to the Liddell Family. Said photograph of Penmorfa displays a man and a group of girls which can only be identified as the Liddell sisters, the man hinted to be Lewis Carroll himself thanks to his attire. Historians maintain that the way the figures are posed is indicative of Lewis Carroll’s style of photography in addition. Sadly, the Penmorfa building has since been demolished after falling into disrepair.

As you experience Llandudno’s Augmented Reality Alice in Wonderland Tour, you can still live the Alice Experience by staying with us in full Victorian splendour in the St Tudno Hotel where she stayed, during her many holidays to Llandudno. Try our very special Alice Afternoon Tea. Or stay in our very special Alice Suite.

Whatever you decide, staying with us is a great way to maintain the experience.